It’s never too late to start!

Good day!

     At 46 years of age, I find myself starting fresh with healthy living. When I was young, I participated in sports of all kinds and would be considered a healthy young lady. Time passes and with cancer, children and a divorce taking a toll on my health, I slacked off. It’s time to get re-energized! Life is short and we all must learn how to make changes that can affect both our physical and mental health. Everyone can do something to get jump started. Being fit doesn’t mean you have to run a marathon or become a world-class athlete. Being fit can mean attaining a healthy weight, normal blood pressure and a cholesterol within the healthy range. It can also mean being able to take a bicycle ride or a hike without becoming totally winded. My site will give tips on how small changes can help improve your overall health and wellness. Let’s all get moving!


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Hello world!

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